Training subsidised



Cyprus Public Transport is hiring new drivers. Taking one step further will give the opportunity to interested people to become a professional driver. The successful applicants will be fully trained for obtaining the professional driving licence and to get ready to start driving our buses and passenger. The CPC training is completely subsidised, and a firm job offer will be made from the beginning. Even if you need the D licence there is an option for you.


How to apply?

·         Send an email to or call to 1416. You will need to specify your interest to become a bus driver following the “Career Training Path”.

 ·         HR will contact you form more details to cover the application form.

·         Your application will be confirmed with the appropriate plan for your qualifications


Being a bus driver

To drive the bus in an adequate manner and in accordance to the policies of the Company, respecting the time schedules and the routes/itineraries, ensuring the passengers’ safety and an efficient service as per the guidelines of his/her immediate superior.

a)      To carry out the route as per the itinerary and in the expected timeframe

b)      To communicate to the Control Room any incidence/problem that was produced during the service

c)      To check the technical condition of the vehicle and the equipment on board by means of daily (routine) checks, identifying in the Defect Sheet any possible anomalies/abnormalities

d)      To safeguard the passengers’ safety and that of other drivers using the road network

e)      To safeguard the compliance with the norms and policies for Health and Safety

a)      To safeguard the compliance with the norms and policies for Health and Safety


Working conditions (Nicosia)

A bus driver in Nicosia is assigned to a specific depot/area to operate the routes of that area and to start and finish in that specific place.

Bus drivers are paid a monthly basic salary for the 39.5 hours from Monday to Friday. Hours worked on weekend and over 7.9hours per day is paid as Overtime.

After 6 months of employment the company offer monthly Provident Fund contributions.

All ours buses are brand new from 5th of July and constant training given to keep you up with standards.

Indefinite contract offers.



Profile of people

 a)           Be enthusiastic about becoming a bus driver.

 b)           Be over 24 years old.

 c)           Capable of maintain a highly level of attention. 

 d)           Clean Criminal record

 e)           Be fluent in English & Greek

 f)            Medical exam


Before employment the person will need the following qualificatio:

  •          Valid Professional license (Valid CPC qualification)
  •          Valid D license
  •          Tachograph card


The process

 In order to become a professional driver, you will need D license, Professional Driving License, Tachograph, card and pass the induction (route learning and bus assessment)

 The “New Training Path” program will help you with all the steps

 ·         D license: If you need to obtain the driving license for buses you will have to attend lessons to one of our authorized Driving Training. You will receive:

o   One theory book 

o   Driving lessons with a professional trainer.

 ·         Professional Driving License (CPC): This consist in a 35 hours course and is a qualification for professional bus, coach and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and maintaining high standards of driving. New drivers obtain their Driver CPC by passing a series of initial qualification tests with both theory and practical sections.

o   The Company will provide with this lesson at one Training Centre authorized

·         Renew of Professional Driving License: For those that have their CPC expired the company will provide the necessary lessons to renew the professional license.

·         Tachograph: This is a card issued by the Road Transport Department to the professional driver to monitor their activity specially on long distance routes

  Route Learning: The Company will provide with some day to assist you on learning the route we operate before you start driving.


How Long and testing

 D license

·         Durations: 1 to 2 months (can be done at the same time as the CPC)

·         Can be done at the same time as CPC

·         Testing: Driving license made by the Official Road Instructor

·         Book test through the driving school 


·         Durations: 15 hours total

·         Testing: After the course will be organized on test for the trainees by the Road Transport Department


·         This is a standard application that HR will help you to fill in and submit

·         This take 1 week.

Route learning

·         1 week maximum

·         Testing: Approval from the internal

Our offer

 Everyone that successfully completes all training, have all qualification and pass the induction period will be hired a new driver.



 All options currently open