Frequently Asked Questions - Motion Bus Card

What is a Motion Bus Card?

The Motion Bus Card is available as reloadable plastic pass at the size of a credit card or as multiple journey disposable single use paper-pass. All kinds of smart cards can be used in two different bus routes within 60 minutes since the first use, without any extra charge. The re-chargeable (plastic) Motion Bus Card can be charged with up to three different period fares (ex. 7 days, 30 days or 365 days) and with cash (e-wallet). The benefits offered by the personalised plastic Motion Bus Card are not transferable. The “personalised" smart card, offers the right of a refund (the balance) in case of loss or damage by paying only the replacement cost. (€5)

What are the types of Motion Bus Cards?

There are two types of Motion Bus Card: 

  1. Personalised: bearing the card holder’s photo and personal data.
  2. Anonymous: does not require the holder’s personal data. 

How and where do I issue a Personalised Plastic Smart Card?

Personalised cards are issued at the MOTION ticket offices or online through the website, with proof of Identity / Passport / Birth Certificate. You need to fill in an application and need to be photographed on the spot to obtain the card or fill in the application online

Motion Bus Card can be bought at the following sale points locations:

  • Ticket office at Solomou Square
  • Makario Stadium Station
  • General Hospital Station
  • Tamasos Station
  • Alampra  Station
  • Larnaca Central Station
  • Larnaca Airport 
  • Kofinou Station

How and where can I find an Anonymous plastic smart card? 

You can issue an Anonymous card at all Motion Bus Card ticket offices without your personal information. 

How and where can I buy a one-way ticket?

A one-way ticket is issued by the driver on the bus paying the corresponding amount. No discounted one-way paper ticket is issued on the bus. Beneficiaries of the discount or free transfer will need to issue the personalised Motion Card to benefit from the discount or free transfer. 

    How and where can I buy a paper smart card?

    • The paper smart card is available for sale at all Motion Bus Card ticket offices 
    • The 4-trips, 2-days and 3-days paper smart cards are available for sale 
    • No paper discount smart cards available. Beneficiaries of the discount or free transfer will need to issue the Personalised Motion Card to benefit from the discount of free transfer 
    • The paper smart card is not rechargeable, it is disposable 

    Can I top up the paper smart card like the plastic cards?

    No, it is disposable.

      How can I top up a plastic smart card?

                 1. Period ticket of 7-days and 30-days voucher for an Anonymous Motion plastic card

                 2. E-wallet voucher for Anonymous and Personalised Motion plastic card 

                 Soon available vouchers for 30-days period tickets of €40, on a Personalised Motion card 

        How can I validate my card correctly?

        The card is validated by entering the bus at the validator next to the driver. We validate the card EVERY time we board a bus. Each successful validation on the validators activates a green light and a successful validation sound. Invalid validation activates a red light and an unsuccessful validation sound. 

          Which products can I recharge my card with?

          Personalised card:

          • For daily or frequent users of Public Transportation
          • It allows the storage of a 7-day, 30-day or 365-day ticket and a monetary value of up to 50 Euros (Electronic Wallet)
          • It allows the storage of discount tickets for discount beneficiaries
          • Available for passengers entitled to free transfer 

          Anonymous card:

          • It allows the top up of 7-day and 30-day normal value tickets and a monetary value of up to 50 Euros (Electronic Wallet)
          • It does not allow the loading of reduced-price tickets

          How many types of tickets can I have on my card, at the same time? In what order are they activated?

          Both the Personalised and the Anonymous card can save up to 3 period tickets at any time, from any of the public transport companies in Cyprus and Monetary Value (Electronic Wallet). It is always first recognized the period ticket and then the stored monetary value. If the fare product is not sufficient, e.g. there is an Nicosia Public Transport ticket on the card and a monetary value and the passenger uses a bus from another company (Intercity Buses etc), seek and validates the value of the required ticket from the stored monetary value (Electronic Wallet).

          How much money can I save on my card?

          Any amount you want up to 50 euros.

          I am a beneficiary of a reduced fare. What do I need to issue?

          You have to issue a personalised card, where you can top up any type of reduced fare you want, that is, 7-day, 30-day or 365-day ticket, as well as a monetary value of up to €50, deducting the value of a reduced ticket every time you use the bus

          I have topped up a 7 or 30 day ticket on my card. When is it activated? 

          Any product you have topped up on your card (eg a 30-day ticket) is activated from the first time that you validate your card by transferring it to the validation machine in the bus.

          I've already topped up a 30-day monthly ticket on my card. When can I reload it for the next month? If I reload before, I will lose the remaining days?

          Of course not. You can recharge your card whenever you like. The second charge will be activated automatically after the first one expires. 

          How do I control the balance of my card or ticket?

          You can request your card balance from the driver or the operator at the MOTION ticket offices so you can check your balance and see your card information.

          I owned a personalised MOTION BUS Card and lost it. What do I do? (Replacement due to lost, theft, malfunction)

          In case of loss, theft, malfunction of your personalised card, you should register it as soon as possible at one of MOTION ticket offices and ask for it to be replaced.

          To re-issue a personalised card you will also need to provide:

          • Your identity card or passport or birth certificate for young children who do not have a political identity
          • The necessary supporting documents if you are entitled to reduced or free travel.
          • The person responsible will cancel your old card and issue the new card.
          • Card replacement due to loss, theft, damage costs €5.

          The remaining fare products and / or the monetary value found stored on the old card will be transferred to the new card.

          I owned an anonymous MOTION BUS Card and lost it. What do I do?

          Anonymous MOTION BUS Card does not store the owner's personal information. Therefore, if you lose it, it is stolen or destroyed, it is not compensated, it is not replaced and can be used by third parties.

          For this reason, we recommend that urban transport users prefer the version of the personalised MOTION BUS Card to secure their purchases of value.

          I had a Multi-way Paper Smart Card and lost it. What do I do?

          Multi-way Paper Smart Card does not store personal information. Therefore, in case of lost, stolen or destroyed, it is not compensated, is not replaced and can be used by third parties.

          Think about the number and frequency of your moves and consider whether your Personalised MOTION BUS CARD suits you.

          I own a personalised card, which I have charged with a 30-day fare, which I have validated and started to use. I will be leaving Nicosia for 1 month. When I return I will be able to use the saved fares and value?

          Any monetary value (e-wallet) and non-activated ticket you have saved will be found as they are. However, if a ticket is activated, as in your case, it will expire exactly 30 days after the first transaction of the ticket.