Cyprus Public Transport holds the Government concession for the exclusive operation of the public transport service in Nicosia and Larnaca. Our purposes and values are consolidated around a mission, to provide a quality service where safety is a top priority.

The current Quality Policy, defined by the Management, is part of the general policy of the company and is consistent with it, being applicable to the entire organization.

Our efforts are focused to:

• Provide a safe and reliable service.

• Establish the continuous Improvement of our services monitoring the predifined objectives and goals.

• Offer services according to legal and other interested parties’ specifications and based on customer requirements.

• Meet customer expectations by driving high levels of customer satisfaction in all our activities.

• Encourage our employees to further develop their skills and to progress in their careers by providing training opportunities.

• Build a positive, open and safe working environment respecting and appreciating the diversity and personality that each person brings.

• Establish the necessary information channels to ensure effective internal and external communication.

• Operate a fleet of buses which is environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible to everyone including people with mobility impairments.

• Take advantage of our international experience and adapt it to the local conditions and culture.

Cyprus Public Transport has established a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, that reflects the competence of the organization to provide such services.

Cyprus Public Transport is committed to comply with the applicable National and European Legal requirements.