NPT is going to provide a Special Service on the 3rd December for the Pope Holy Mass at the GSP Stadium.
We are going to provide different trips as from 06:00 until 08:30 (to be sure that everybody is there maximum at 09:30, as requested)
The passengers will board the buses from Omirou bus stop.
The passengers must provide to enter in the bus the following documentation:
- Papal Ticket
- Safe Pass for COVID
It is necessary to have everything ready to board the buses as quickly as possible!!

For the service back to Solomou Square the buses will be at the Stadium at 11:00 waiting for the passengers.

  • They must take the bus at the same parking that they are going to arrive.
  • The staff in the area will indicate them the buses that they have to board.
  • We expect to have trips as from 12:00 until 14:00 to be able to bring all the passengers back to Solomou Square.