Covid-19 Notice

The Ministry of Transport announced the following measures:

The passengers: must hold and be able to demonstrate to the authorized authority one of the following documents:
1.    Vaccination certificate for COVID-19 disease with at least   one dose, provided that three weeks have passed since the vaccination.
2.    Evidence of release in case of COVID-19 disease and provided that no more than six months have passed since the date of sampling of their initial positive diagnosis.
3.    Evidence of Negative Laboratory Test or Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19 disease, sampled within 72 hours.
4.    Cyprus Flight Card (Cyprus Flight Pass), electronically or handwritten form, for persons who are not residents of Republic and enter the Republic legally, through Larnaca and Paphos airport.
5.    European Union Certificate COVID-19 (EU Digital Covid Certificate).
6.    Using face mask by employees and passengers inside the buses is mandatory.